Toastmasters Club – Enhancing the Art of Speaking

Toastmasters International Club Image:

Toastmasters International Club

Providing financial advice for more than half a decade, Ryan Mattiza has both educational and professional business management experience. He received his bachelors of science degree in business administration from the University of Arkansas in 2009. Currently as the mortgage lender at Arvest Bank, one of Ryan Mattiza’s interests is his membership with Toastmasters International Club of Overland Park.

The Toastmasters Club is a gathering of people with the common interest of helping individuals improve their public speaking and organization skills. With a focus on giving speeches, gentle feedback is provided by evaluators to help members improve communication for career advancement, enhancing presentation skills, or even preparing for a wedding toast. The organization hosts the annual Toastmasters International Convention with the goal of promoting public speaking by bringing together members from around the world. This year’s Toastmasters International Convention will be held in Washington, DC, in August 2016.

It has been announced that motivational trainer and 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking winner Ed Tate has been selected to be the keynote speaker at the opening ceremony. He co-authored Motivational Selling: Advice on Selling Effectively, Staying Motivated and Being a Peak Sales Producer and has been requested for speaking engagements over 100 times a year. Having helped merge two rival newspaper bureaus in 2001, Ed Tate will share his experience in conflict resolution and demonstrate how to overcome everyday adversities in his keynote address.


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